About Payables


Dreams & Creations is building "Payables".

Payables is an accounts payables management platform. It manages all of your incoming invoices and gives you a clear overview when invoices are due.

The Idea

The Idea


We have been using a first version of Payables internally for over a year.

15 months ago we started searching for an online tool that gave us a clear overview of all accounts payable, we were a little bit disappointed that there were a lot of invoicing platforms focussing on outgoing invoices (accounts receivable) but that they were very limited in the management of expenses.

So our founder decided to write it himself, and a few weekends later our intern version of Payables was born.




Now we want to take it to the next level and bring Payables to the market. The basic version will cost around 3 euros a month and will launch in the 4th quarter of 2018.

But we give you the opportunity to presubscribe and only pay 5 euros once for the first year.

Convinced? Presubscribe!